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  KHD Online Store - Introduction

Welcome to the Kennedy Half Dollar Online Store!

A few words are warranted here to make your shopping experience a more pleasant one ...

Here, you will find each error variety listed with an UVC number (except for rolls). Called "Universal Variety Code," this numbering system is created by CONECA, which is, incidentally, the only national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety collectors (see www.conecaonline.org).

A primary, unique sequential number, UVC, is assigned "to each variety within a denomination and series," namely the Kennedy Half Dollar. Dr. James Wiles writes, in The Kennedy Half Dollar Book (1998), this number is the "highest level code" assigned to each variety and is recommended for widespread acceptance and usage.

Here, you will also find terms, such as "DDO-xx" and "DDR-xx." They stand for "Doubled-Die Obverse" and "Doubled-Die Reverse," respectively. The part, "xx," represents a number. For example, "DDO-2" signifies a second Double-Die Obverse variety reported to CONECA for a coin's year and mintmark.

In a similar vein, the same idea applies to "RPMs" (Re-Punched Mintmarks), "CUDs" (a kind of a die crack), "ROTs" (Rotated-Dies) and "ADRs" (Abraded Die Reverses).

Since I am not a professional coin grader, I've decided on a simpler and more straight-forward grading system for this online store. There are only three basic grades used here, and they are, as follows:

Circ. = Circulated AU = Almost uncirculated UNC = Uncirculated

Prices on error varieties here are largely based on values given in The Kennedy Half Dollar Book (1998) - except for newer varieties reported to CONECA since the book's publication. For pricing purposes, a grade of "Circ." is closely tied to the book's grade of "XF/AU" even though the book's estimated values are more than 6 years old.

While you are shopping, you can view your shopping cart by clicking on the "View Shopping Cart." To remove an item from the shopping cart, uncheck its box under "Quantity." Please note you may order only one of each item. Should you like to order more than one, email Ken to make arrangements.

Here, you have a choice of two payment methods:

  • PayPal - Safest and quickest way (it is integrated with this website's shopping cart) You can still make your payment without having your own account at PayPal!

  • Check or Money Order - Email Ken to make arrangements.

Thank you for visiting this KHD website, and happy hunting!

- Ken

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