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  Website Banner Exchange - Guidelines & Terms

Banner exchanges are actually a win-win situation for webmasters.  By placing banners in each other's web sites and having them linked to the other's web site, these banners bring more web traffic to both sites.

Here is www.KennedyHalfDollar.com's banner along with its HTML code that you can place in one of your web site's webpages.

"The Home of the Kennedy Half Dollar"

Copy and paste the following HTML code in your web page.

Guidelines & Terms

All Website Banner-Exchange submissions must be approved by www.KennedyHalfDollar.com (KHD) prior to being activated.

Each banner must be 468 x 60 pixels.

Each banner must be saved in either .gif or .jpg format.

Each banner must be linked to your web site.  The URL link to be provided by you must be like this example:


where "yourdomain" is the name of your web site and where "/images/" is the name of the sub-directory under which your banner, "yourbanner.gif", is saved.

After you have placed the KHD banner on your site, click on Suggestion Box menu option (on left side) and fill out the form and submit. Make sure you have selected "Banner Exchange" for the Subject field and provide information for each of the following:

      • URL for the image for your banner
      • URL for your website
      • Your name
      • Your email address
      • Comments or a message (optional)

Once it is verified that you have placed KHD banner on your web site and linked it to www.kennedyhalfdollar.com, your banner will then be placed in www.kennedyhalfdollar.com.  KHD reserves the right to reduce your banner's size slightly wherever it might be necessary in order to make it fit on KHD's web page and to place anywhere on KHD's web site.

You agree that this Banner-Exchange arrangement is free of charge for both parties and that KHD reserves the right to refuse any banner at any time for any reason.   Furthermore, you agree KHD's decision on appropriateness of each banner is final.

You agree KHD is not responsible for any damage and/or liability that might arise from the use of this complimentary Banner-Exchange arrangement.  Furthermore, you agree to hold KHD and its employees harmless for any and all damages that may occur from the utilization of this free service.

KHD reserves the right to change and/or terminate this Banner-Exchange arrangement anytime and without advance notice.

By submitting the Suggesiton-Box form, you are deemed to have read and agree with its terms.

Should you have questions or suggestions, contact Ken by clicking on this "Suggestion Box" menu option.

Any comments you may have about this service will always be appreciated.

Thank you, and best of luck!

© 2005- Ken Glickman, www.kennedyhalfdollar.com   All rights reserved.